Encaustic Collagraph Retreat

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Amy Royce Making Prints

Amy Royce Making PrintsI had a lot of fun with IEA-PDX during our retreat in Bend to learn Encaustic Collagraphs with Ron Schultz at Atelier 6000. I always learn a lot from other media, so I can take what I learned and apply it in some form to my painting practice. Whether it’s picking up a new tool, or a new way of thinking, I always feel inspired. In this case, it’s a perfect bridge between encaustic painting and printmaking because the encaustic medium is used to build and manipulate the surface of a plate to be inked and printed onto paper. Next I can take it “full circle” and embed the prints in my paintings, or of course, offer the unique prints as an affordable way to build an art collection.

Here are a few of the results:


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