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These are no ordinary prints! These are "plaster prints" that result in encaustic paintings. I use large scale collagraph plates and ink to make an impression in wet plaster on boards. When they cure and dry, I manipulate the relief surface with encaustic paint. The plaster enhances the luminosity and texture of the encaustic with structure and depth on my journey of self-exploration and expression.

"Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern." Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947), English philosopher and mathematician. Dialogues, June 10, 1943.

Where does movement come from? The bones and sinew that make up human structure are the building blocks of imagery in this viscerally beautiful series.

"...What if inside the body another shape is waiting to come out, White as a quilt, loose as a fever, and sways in the easy tides there? What other anagoge in this life but the self? What other ladder to Paradise, but the smooth handholds of the ribcage?" -Charles Wright, California Dreaming

The human figure informs the roots of my work. Everything I do is inspired by human movement, dance, and the physicality of the figure itself. From direct gesture drawings from nudes, these figures range from representation to suggestion and back again.

Large format prints from collagraph plates built and reformatted over 4 years for Atelier 6000 Printmaking Studio in Bend, OR.

Encaustic and traditional collagraph plates printed at Atelier 6000, Bend, OR

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